BS 8546:2016


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BS 8546:2016


Travel adaptors compatible with UK plug and socket system. Specification
standard by BSI Group, 04/30/2016

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BS 8546:2016 specifies requirements for the construction, rating,marking, dimensions and testing of travel adaptors intended for the temporaryconnection of electrical equipment. It applies to travel adaptors having at leastone plug or socket-outlet portion compatible with BS 1363 plugs andsocket-outlets, which are suitable for the connection of a non-BS 1363 plug, orto a non-BS 1363 socket-outlet.

Travel adaptors incorporating USB circuits for charging devices are also coveredby this standard.

This British Standard applies to travel adaptors intended for use in household,commercial and light industrial premises where:

  • the nominal supply voltage does not exceed 250 V a.c. single-phase, 50 Hzto 60 Hz; or
  • the rated current of the travel adaptor does not exceed 13 A and is not lessthan 5 A.

Travel adaptors within the scope of this British Standard do not convert voltage.

This British Standard excludes adaptors conforming to BS 1363-3 and conversionplugs conforming to BS 1363-5.

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IEC/TR 60083

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