BS 8547:2016


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BS 8547:2016


Respiratory equipment. Breathing gas demand regulator used for diving to depths greater than 50 metres. Requirements and test methods
standard by BSI Group, 03/31/2016

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BS 8547:2016 specifies minimum performance requirements for divercarried breathing gas demand regulators for open-circuit and saturation gasreclaim systems used for diving to depths greater than 50 m.

This British Standard defines additional requirements for breathing performanceand helium compatibility to those already given in BS EN 250 andBS EN 15333-1.

NOTE The basic requirements for diving apparatus and demand regulators as perBS EN 250 and BS EN 15333-1 have been retained. The exception here is for thebreathing performance which is revised in this British Standard to cover therequirement for use at depths greater than 50 m.

This British Standard specifies a test method for helium compatibility with ademand regulator and a test method for measuring the work of breathing(WOB) and respiratory pressures of a demand regulator.

This British Standard does not cover auxiliary emergency breathing systems; theyare covered in BS EN 250:2014, Annex B.

Cross References:
BS EN 132
BS EN 250:2014
BS EN 12021
BS EN 15333-1:2008

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