BS 8551:2015


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BS 8551:2015


Provision and management of temporary water supplies and distribution networks (not including provisions for statutory emergencies). Code of practice
standard by BSI Group, 09/30/2015

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BS 8551:2015 gives recommendations and guidance for the provision and management of temporary water supplies and distribution networks to ensure the water supplied for domestic purposes is wholesome. It is applicable to situations when a permanent supply is insufficient, not available or not required, for example, at building sites and outdoor public events.

NOTE The drinking water regulators, water undertakers and local authorities have in place collective arrangements for dealing with operational events, incidents and emergencies in relation to both public and private water supplies, and they ought always to be informed and/or consulted before a temporary water supply arrangement is put in place.

The standard gives recommendations and guidance on procedures and documentation for:

  • risk assessment and management;
  • supplying, maintaining and cleaning vessels used to collect and transport wholesome water or function as temporary supply points;
  • storage and quality control of bottled water stocks intended for temporary supply;
  • connecting to a permanent distribution network for extraction purposes, avoiding contamination risks;
  • installing temporary water storage vessels and temporary pipework for distribution networks serving temporary water draw-off points whilst avoiding contamination risks; and
  • monitoring and sampling.

This British Standard is intended to provide guidance on good practice related to anticipated temporary water supplies and installation of temporary distribution networks, but its principles are applicable to contingencyarrangements for water supply incidents and emergencies.

The British Standard also gives guidance on water supply hygiene and management practices which can involve staff training and/or operational procedures.

The British Standard relates to the supply of water that has already been treated to make it safe for drinking, and its provisions are intended to prevent contamination.

The British Standard is not applicable to:

  • the use and maintenance of large-bottle water dispensers, for example, the bottles often used in office water coolers/dispensers (although the management of stocks of water held for use in such devices is covered);
  • the dispensing of the water supplied from vessels which are managed outside a predefined management regime, such as:
    • personalized utensils (for example, sports water bottles or personal filters);
    • personal portable containers designed for carrying water; and
    • vending machines;
  • the supply of water for the flushing of toilets/urinals only; and
  • the extraction and treatment of raw water from springs, streams, wells, boreholes, lakes, rain or seawater as part of the provision of either a public or private water supply (regulated activity).

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