BS 8554:2015


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BS 8554:2015


Code of practice for the sampling and monitoring of hot and cold water services in buildings
standard by BSI Group, 09/30/2015

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BS 8554:2015 gives guidance and recommendations for investigative andplanned collection of hot and cold water samples during the life of a building,including sampling locations and the selection of laboratory or on-site testingfor those samples.

This standard covers sampling from wholesome water systems and water usedfor make-up where the water is used for immersion or contact, such as spas,swimming pools and therapeutic units. Wholesome water services are systemsdesigned to provide hot and cold water, including water for cooking, drinkingand food preparation or washing.

Recommendations are given for sampling for the following reasons:

  • one-off sampling for compliance, to evaluate whether the water qualityconforms to regulations, guidance, specifications or imposed conditions;
  • ad hoc sampling for verification, to provide assurance that the water beingused is suitable for its intended use;
  • sampling for investigation ? searching for the cause of concerns orcomplaints about water quality;
  • random sampling – economically-driven or voluntary sampling used to helpconfirm or otherwise that water hygiene controls remain effective; and
  • identification and implementation of schemes for commissioning, routineand investigative monitoring of water quality.

This standard is not applicable to the sampling of water following outbreaks ofLegionnaires’ disease or for the sampling of water from closed systems.

Cross References:
BS 7592:2008
BS 15883
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BS 8550
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