BS 8634:2017


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BS 8634:2017


Portable roof ladders. Specification
standard by BSI Group, 10/31/2017

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BS 8634:2017 specifies requirements for portable roof ladders specifically designed solely toprovide temporary access to pitched roofs with angles between 25° and 65° for tasks that are of shortduration and low risk.

In particular, it specifies:

  • a) general design features, requirements and test methods;
  • b) the supporting elements, the bearers and ridge hook, and their connections to the ladders,including how a ladder is supported and located by the ridge of a pitched roof;
  • c) the pitch, dimensions and form of a roof ladder?s climbing surfaces, according to the intendedangles of use;
  • d) the wheels used to manoeuvre a roof ladder into position on a pitched roof; and
  • e) markings and user instructions.

Roof ladders conforming to this standard are only intended for use on pitched roofs with anglesbetween 25° and 65° and for no other purpose. They are not intended for use as leaning orstanding ladders.

This British Standard covers single section roof ladders, extending roof ladders, roof ladders withhinge (articulated) joints, roof ladders with telescopic joints and multi-part (sectional) roof ladders.

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