BS 8701:2016


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BS 8701:2016


Full ring ovalization test for determining the susceptibility to cracking of linepipe steels in sour service. Test method
standard by BSI Group, 06/30/2016

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BS 8701:2016 gives a method for determining the susceptibility tocracking of steel pipes in sour service.

This British Standard utilizes a tubular specimen comprising a full circumferentialring. The test method applies to any pipe with or without seam (longitudinal orspiral) or girth weld (with or without filler).

NOTE 1 The specimen is usually a pipe but can also consist of flange neck or sectionof a bend, or other tubular component or a combination of the above.

This British Standard provides guidance on determination of specimen size toensure it retains residual stresses from manufacture and welding.

NOTE 2 See Clause 7 for specimen sizes.

The method utilizes ovalization to simulate hoop stress, using mechanicalloading on a tubular form. The specimen is subjected to single sided exposure tothe sour test environment.

NOTE 3 The test also allows measurement of hydrogen permeation rates which canprovide useful information, such as highlighting the effects of galvanic couplingbetween materials of apparent compatibility.

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