BS PD CEN/TR 1295-4:2015


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BS PD CEN/TR 1295-4:2015


Structural design of buried pipelines under various conditions of loading
standard by BSI Group, 09/30/2015

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BS PD CEN/TR 1295-4:2015 lists the parameters for the reliability of the structural design of buried water andwastewater pressure pipelines, drains and sewers.

The reliability of the design of buried pipelines is based on the selection of appropriate designparameters for a chosen design method. This document identifies the parameters appropriate to thechosen design method, which should all be clearly stated.

This Technical Report does not aim to specify the requirements for the structural design of water andwastewater pressure pipelines, drains and sewers. These requirements are defined in EN 1295-1.

This Technical Report does not apply for offshore laying, pipes supported on piles, no dig pipelines, orlaid above ground. Supplementary considerations need to be taken into account for these specificinstallations.

Special situations (e.g. landslide, earthquake, fire) are outside the scope of this document.

Design parameters for calculation of longitudinal effects (including bending moments, shear forces andtensile forces resulting for example from non-uniform bedding and thermal movements and, in the caseof pressure pipelines, from Poisson’s contraction and thrust at change of direction or cross-section) arenot covered in this document.

Cross References:
EN 1295-1
EN 805
CEN/TR 1295-2
CEN/TR 1295-3
EN 1610
EN 1990

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