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Document Mark-up Guidelines [New Practice]
standard by Process Industry Practices, 12/01/2020

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This Practice provides guidelines for identifying changes or making comments to all types of engineering drawings, documents, lists, etc, specifically where the changes or comments are made by one or multiple people and incorporated into the native or master document by another person.

This Practice covers all revisions/modifications of documents, including documents before and after construction.

This Practice does not apply to mark-ups made before the adoption of this Practice.

This Practice does not address how to implement a Management of Change (MOC) work process; it does address how to communicate mark-ups consistently.

This Practice should be applied to any engineering document, paper or electronic, and is not vendor, hardware, or software specific.

Although this Practice provides general guidelines for the markup of engineering documents, individual applications may require differing approaches than those recommended in this Practice. Determinations concerning fitness for purpose and matters of application of the Practice to a particular project or engineering situation should not be made solely on the information contained in this Practice. (This guideline is meant just a starting point.)

Example document markups in the Appendix of this Practice are not intended to recommend specific design details or requirements, but are included to provide illustrations of various options available to the user.

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